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Everyone loves choice! We have 5 more "Connecting Tone Channels" for you to choose from, including

- Canto pop
- International
- Evergreen
- Mandarin
- Classical

For each channel, 8 songs will be looped, with new tracks every month, to give your friends something different every time they call.

Basic Plan (1 channel included): $18/ month
Premium Plan (2 channels included): $28/ month

Please choose the followings to pre-listen:

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  Canto pop
| Evergreen
| Mandarin
| Classical

  Song Name Singer Prelisten
Lonely Priscilla Chan
逆轉 Kary Ng
不如今晚(粵語) Kelly Chen/Ekin Cheng/Tony KF Leung
第十行星 Robynn & Kendy
喜樂 Sandy Lam
Sandy Lam
講呢 D Siu Fei
天堂有路 Ivana Wong

Terms and Conditions for this Service
  • The amount of data consumed varies with different services and its usage. Data usage will be deducted from your data plan. We suggest you to subscribe to our data plan to save cost and avoid unnecessary bill shock. Appropriate roaming data charges apply when using these services abroad.

  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please click here for details.